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The Different Types of People You Meet in The Airport


The Different Types of People You Meet in The Airport

I have probably wanted to write about this for quite some time now but I just couldn’t find the inspiration, now writing about this at this moment since I recalled my last local travel and it’s been a recurrent thought in my mind so here it goes. Airports or terminal stops are places where various types of individuals converge into specific destinations for vacation, work or family-related duties. I kind of enumerated the ones I have personally observed and opposite the stories that may be behind them.

First, you meet the one who doesn’t seem to want to leave, the one that perennially stays at the departure area and closely sticks by his or her loved ones and wanting to hold back leaving but the need is real. You see, the vulnerability of one’s persona is shown when one needs to choose between letting go or staying. In the majority of cases, it is always difficult to let go but in some, it may be the best thing to do for the good of one’s self which in turns converts into something good also for the other. We may not see it now but eventually, life will always manifest its purpose to us if we truly listen.

Second, you meet the dedicated businessman or woman who quickly positions him or herself in the nearest laptop station, when you look close enough they’re either finishing a project to present or send email responses to those who will be left behind or work correspondents. Life will always be busy for these individuals; some may even say that they barely have time. You see if you really want to you will make time for what truly matters. One doesn’t live to work, instead one works to live. Bu this is not to invalidate individuals who really are happy in what they do.

Third, the backpackers and those looking forward to taking a vacation, these are individuals that seem to have realized that there’s more to life than just being stuck at home or work or maybe even school and that there’s so much happiness in spending time with the people that matters. In this day and age where technology is here to stay it’s still “humane” to stay connected in a human way and literally stay in touch. Communication and conversations are so underrated that we fail to acknowledge that we still go back to them as a basic means to keep relationships dynamic and to keep ourselves grounded.

Fourth, the couple who are either honeymooners or get-away ones, they travel because of spending quality time together in a place far from home. Sometimes we all need to resort to that recluse that there is more to another place than just its sights, going to another place can allow you to reconnect and reflect upon yourselves.

Fifth, the lone travelers, remember the film “Eat, Pray and Love”; we all need that type of get-away at times, something that will trigger us into hearing our inner voice and reset ourselves. They travel light, just a piece of baggage enough for them to carry alone but within them are loads of stories to tell. They are constantly soul searchers, not to disregard also the fact that they love and prefer to travel alone. In this chaotic world that we live in there is an increasing need to disconnect to further stay within ourselves.

“We, in all our vulnerabilities and seemingly flawed selves have our own stories to tell. These stories make up who we are and how we journey forward.”

The different types of people I have discussed earlier are just reflections of still a lot more that I haven’t encountered yet but enough for me to say that there’s so much more to a person than his or her external appearance, there’s so much more to him or her than what he or she does; within themselves are loads of hurt, pain, and their own fair share of happiness. It’s one thing to respect them and it’s also one thing to not judge them. I think change begins when we start looking beyond what is in front of us.

After all, individuality makes this world a better place to live in. What’s your story?

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