Have you ever felt “stuck” in your present state, wanting to scamper free and look for another road that will give you that feeling of fulfillment in any way you define it to be? Have you ever felt like you were looking for something you cannot even seem to be aware of but you know that in your heart something is lacking? It may be a sign that you may have to let go of a weight that seems to be bearing you down, something that is keeping you from pacing forward.

I guess we have all been in that “quick sand” state once or even more in our lives and it is perfectly fine and gets you attuned to what your situation is trying to teach you or lead you to. Realizations sink in and you start to tell yourself that it is about time to let go and surrender. End of story. But how?

Letting go is not a sign of failure. Letting go is a sign of being human because on the other hand no one is super after all. At one point in our lives we fall down into that “quick sand” because there is a valuable lesson below that we are supposed to find – rock bottom as they sometimes say, and then you begin ascending bit by bit. You start realizing that there is much more conflict if you keep denying yourself of the full experience of the moment and you start to give it all up and let go – not to say “I cannot do it” or “I have failed” but to say “I have did my best” or “I surrender to the moment.” Emotions and feelings take its roots from lessons of surrendering. Growth begins when we begin to let go of what brings us all down and makes us stay stuck in the moment; the more we hold on things, the more reasons it will find its way out if it ain’t meant.

One of my favorite quote comes from Susan Gordon Lydon who said – “Letting go is the lesson. Letting go is always the lesson. Have you ever noticed how much agony is all tied up with craving and loss?”  The cliche of everything happens for a reason is so overused but so true, we just have to learn to trust in the timing of our lives. Remember that there is no such thing as having no choice- we all have the ability to control what we can- power to decide, to choose, to act, to feel, or to react. Accept that there will always be things too that you cannot change, we just need to decide whether or not we can deal with them or just let it go. See? There is still a choice in deciding to let go.

“Accept what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.”

You may find yourself questioning who you are in the process of letting go. It can make you even question everything about yourself, even your priorities. Whatever happens, ground yourself into not ever forgetting the answers and keep moving forward no matter how slow because life goes on whether you like it or not. What’s meant will find a way to catch up. I have learned of this fact so many times, and realized that destiny indeed finds its way back to you if it really is for you.

Lastly, let go of expectations. Expectations may be the greatest source of disappointment. We all at certain points in our lives expect more from others because we’d be willing to do the same for them but that is not always the case. Guilty of this! But hey, keep on loving, in the long run you will realize who is worth keeping. Cheers to the weekend!