There comes a moment in our lives when we meet people who remind us of the miracle of life that seem routine to us but once taken away and given back makes us realize that it is indeed enough to be grateful to be alive. It is the night before Easter. It is indeed a blessing to be given a second chance in the three dimensions of being human—life, love and death. 
  I will never forget the time I met a man who was suffering from Dilated Cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that causes its chamber to enlarge to a point that it slowly loses its ability to adequately supply blood to our body. Patients with such condition have “timed” lives, but then again I am not really a hardcore believer in putting in numbers in life expectancy even if published in medical books theoretically. The man I met is also a heavy smoker, two packs a day for endless number of years I would not even recall anymore, which makes his risk of dying more than three times as it should. Bottomline is this man has literally died—he was intubated, revived but still was in a vegetative state of coma with just five tubes supplying him of what was just necessary to make him artificially breath. He needed a heart transplant to survive. Patients in need of a heart transplant wait for years—this man had it in months—seven months to be exact. Fresh, new and young heart. Organ transplant seamless. Amazing. Miraculous. I write this story based on his personal account, so at that time I felt I was talking to an angel. An angel with no wings but a big heart and a second chance to live and start life anew carrying with him an advocacy he felt he had to be of service to save lives in the second chance he was given.
To begin a brand new horizon towards a brand new phase in our lives.  
He had a will to live aside from the fact that his time was not yet up, and with this determination I have come to realize that we can overcome unbelievable odds. Second chances are opportunities presented to us in various ways as gifts for us to seize and appreciate what may seem to be not much of a priority we had before but should be reconsidered again, for we might just miss out on what could have been what we have been longing for to continue on the cycle of our lives and move on to the next. Happy resurrection day to all! 
“ We may pass violets looking for roses. We may pass contentment looking for victory.” – Bern Williams