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How To Move On After A Relationship

I was supposed to write part 4 of my 13 blog series on the lessons I have learned during medical school but I just needed to take a break to write on this because of an email I received where I promised the sender that I’d write about the challenge he is presently facing. And …

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A Mentor Named Negativity

Who would have ever thought that negativity can carry on a “good” effect eventually? In my past blog entries I’ve always written about staying away from negativity, well it remains to be true but on the other hand I’d like to dig deeper into the lessons it has taught me instead of evading it. It’s …

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Moving On: Where Do I Begin

“Try to develop an inner emotional or spiritual peace to balance the distresses of your body. You might begin by learning to accept “what is” for you at any particular time.” – Morrie Schwartz Have you ever found yourself unable to move on from a past relationship or maybe even a past career? We all …