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Happiness Project Life

You Don’t Need To Have Everything Figured Out

Ever get this feeling that you need to have your whole life figured out because you were expected to and deep inside you just want things to happen “as planned”? Well I often got, yes that’s past tense, that feeling always before. Nowadays I seem to receive a lot of emails on advice on how …

Happiness Project Life

The Things That Really Matter

If I were to ask you what matters most in your life what would those be? Here’s my take. Focus on what really matters because time is even more than gold, it’s all there is. Living a life necessitates much needed commodities and I’m not speaking of the basic ones, I’m speaking of those that …

Happiness Project Life

Sustaining and Keeping Your Motivation Up

Successfully accomplishing one goal after another is staying and keeping one’s motivation sustained and running. There may be tasks that you may dislike yet, but motivation keeps you going and know that each particular task contributes towards a greater goal. Here’s some points on staying motivated – Believe that you’re doing this for a good …