Successfully accomplishing one goal after another is staying and keeping one’s motivation sustained and running. There may be tasks that you may dislike yet, but motivation keeps you going and know that each particular task contributes towards a greater goal. Here’s some points on staying motivated –

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.
Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

Believe that you’re doing this for a good reason. In anything you do, no matter how simple, contributes to a greater good. If you find yourself stuck with a task you dislike and there seems to be no motivation to finish it, one way to continue is to find a good reason on why you’re doing it. They may not be evident at the start but stay at it until you see at least one, this will bring your motivation back and help you finish the task. These good reasons may be something you will learn that’s new, definitely something that will contribute to your growth; a certain feeling of accomplishment that you have done something greater than yourself no matter how simple, no matter how small. Every single task you complete is a step closer to your goal, learn to acknowledge this and it’ll all be good.

Bring in the attitude of fun. Attitude and perspective plays a big role in keeping the motivation up and running. Different strokes for different folks but then again put a little life when keeping yourself motivated, enjoy the journey and know that its goal will find its way to you, always.

Look at it from a different approach. One may seem to be doing everything the right way, but the approach isn’t necessarily the most motivating one. Tweaking it a bit may help, there are more ways than one, you’ll be surprised with the results, avoid limiting yourself with the same options all the time.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. – Tim Notke

Embrace your progress. Tracking down your progress is one but embracing it and acknowledging it can complete the experience in itself and to keep you motivated. Tracking down your steps is taking notes of your progress whereas embracing and acknowledging your progress is when you begin to look at the bigger picture and realize where you are exactly and how close you are to what you have aimed for.

Learn to reward yourself. Realize that having to begin and having made progress bit by bit ain’t easy but hey you did it so it pays to give yourself a pat on the back and treat yourself. It makes the journey towards the goal more enjoyable. Rewards need not be expensive, the simpler the better – a fresh cup of coffee, ice cream, or watching a good movie perhaps. Rewards subconsciously trigger motivation, and the more motivated you are makes you feel really good about accomplishing new milestones towards accomplishing your goal.

Think about it, when you find good reasons to work on whatever you’re working on, it’s bound to help you feel better. Applying ways to make it fun makes the task enjoyable. And finally, if you track down your progress and begin rewarding yourself as you move forward then all these will keep and sustain your motivation up and running. Determination and passion always fuels the motivation in you to accomplish the goals you have set in your life – never lose sight of it.