Rigid and formed minds are precursors to a battle lost. Once you begin thinking that you have all the answers, you might as well prepare yourself on treading towards dangerous grounds of self-entitlement. Once you get set in your ways, you’re already part of history.

To get the most out of life it’s always best to keep all your options open, as in all, keep your thinking and life flexible. You have to get ready to bend as the storm breaks – and it always breaks when you least expect it. The moment you’ve established a set of pattern, your mindset begins to expect it all the time and then you find yourself being knocked off-course if things don’t go the way it was patterned to be. You might need to re-examine your thinking pretty closely to understand what I mean. Flexible thinking is a bit like mental boxing, being ready to duck and weave, and avoid serious hits. For a change try to see life as a friendly sparring partner. If you are flexible, you’ll have fun. If you stand your ground you’re likely to get knocked about a bit, it won’t break to bend a little.

Life is only as good as your mindset.
Life is only as good as your mindset.

We all have our so-called set patterns in life. We like to label ourselves as this or that and are quite proud of our opinions and beliefs – which is fine, we all have our own personal niche in this world. The danger comes when we get too stuck to it that we become unwilling to listen and be open. We all like to read a set of paper, watch the same shows and the like, and again this is all fine. But if we begin to close  ourselves and our minds from all other possibilities, we become boring, rigid and hardened – and thus get likely to get knocked about.

Let’s try a bit of perspective change here – view life as a set of adventures, Each adventure is a chance to have fun and learn something new, to explore and expand your circle of experience and friends and eventually broaden your horizon. The moment you are offered an opportunity to have an adventure, to change your thinking, to step outside of yourself, go for it and see what happens. If this thought scares you, remember that you can always go back into your zone the second it’s over, if you want to, but stepping outside of it is where life begins so to speak.

Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed the truth. Feed it faith. Feed it truth. Feed it with love. Perception matters.

But even saying yes to every opportunity isn’t cast in stone as a rule, because the world in itself is inflexible but the ones who are really willing to bend and become flexible thinkers know when to say “no” as well as when to say “yes”.

Life is difficult and it is what it is – a series of struggles and lulls, and that’s one thing that challenges the way we see and perceive things, the extent to be flexible. Setbacks are made to be doors towards chances to improve. They make you stronger, not weaker. Mind over matter.

Here are four mindsets that may help our minds towards being flexible –

No fear. If there is you might need to do some work on overcoming that fear and yes, I know how it feels. The struggle to overcome is real but whatever your fear is face it and defeat is. It’s life and mind-changing at the same time.

No surprise. Things happen not by coincidence but it leads towards a pattern that was meant for you. No surprise there then. Whatever your situation now is, it will definitely change if only we can also bend our minds and look over what you see.

No hesitation. Weigh up the odds and then just get on with it. If you hang back, the opportunity may have passed you by. If you spend too long thinking, you’ll never make a move. Once presented with options, make a choice then go for it.

No doubt. Once you have made up your mind about something don’t go overboard in overanalyzing it. Let go. Tomorrow will come along as certainly as it can. There is no doubt about life. It just is. We just need to look beyond what we see with an open and flexible mind.