If you have seen the movie Finding Dory it’ll touch you to the very core of your being. No exaggeration here but the plot seems simple but the message is deep. We all have had our moments just like Dory – lost, scampering to find one’s self, that feeling of being incomplete, totally at a loss. Even the most goal-oriented person gets lost too, no one’s exempted but it’s the only way we can dig deeper into ourselves to really find who we are, and it takes time.

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” ~Henry David Thoreau

We were all born to have dreams and goals, in some it might be clear and in some it might appear to be in a vague form but most of us, along the way get stuck in self-doubt that we tend to dismiss it as being either unrealistic or difficult to push through, that’s where we feel that we’re losing ourselves and begin to find ourselves spiralling downwards just like getting scooped into a black hole.

There comes a time when we tend to feel that life has seemed to been “planned out” for us by our parents and the way norms are dictated upon us that we feel that it’s not worth taking the risk of breaking free from it in exchange for that tiny hope of achieving something we feel that is more fulfilling. After all, taking a risk is still a risk- there’s always room for failure but there’s also that room for success, and so that’s where the power of uncertainty begins to manifest as a door to many possibilities, and that’s part of finding yourself in the process, you get empowered in the journey.

Disconnect with the world. Reconnect with yourself.
Disconnect with the world. Reconnect with yourself.

In my previous post I mentioned that failing can actually be a friend, it develops the resiliency we all need to make it through the process of finding one’s self, the strength to pull through from what seems to be the darkest moment in our lives. I have had moments of getting lost and find myself in uncomfortable introspection, but out of the sadness, which took time, I found myself in a position of a more personal understanding of who I really was and in the process finding that which would give me fulfillment and happiness in the end.

If you find yourself feeling lost, just stay with the moment and don’t hasten the process, breath and realize that being lost is that turning point we all need in being able to find out who we truly are and what we really want to do – that’s positive introspection.

Struggles will always be there, that’s the way life was designed for us, we may still feel lost at times. But the virtue of acknowledging the feeling of being lost is a step towards progress in the journey towards the goals we have set and the answer to who we really are in the process. Life is one amazing and unpredictable journey, I believe that we live to find the happiness we all deserve and most of all share it with others. So don’t fear losing yourself, you’ll always come out to be a better version of yourself in the end.