Imagine and feel the following visuals….

Done? These are actually images of what constitutes my personal dream moment. It is common but I envision myself experiencing this moment one fine day, in time, with a simple and sensual someone– dinner by the beach with no table and chairs, just a white mat with posts on its 4 sides just so the wind will not blow it away, one glass candle with of course a white and well-lit candle inside at 6 in the evening right before sunset, picnic basket with just white wine, wheat bread, Boursin cheese and grilled salmon and of course chocolate for dessert— nothing fancy, no eating utensils, just two champagne glasses for the wine, and a bouquet of stargazer lilies. Good conversation and nice Earth, Wind and Fire genre sounds blending well with the sound of the ocean waves. Magnificent yet simple.

Simplicity is a common term but what is it really in its essence? Very subjective. We all have our own perception of what, who, where and when a situation, person, place and event is what we consider “simple”. My dream moment as stated above is simple for me. Nowadays, being simple seems to be complicated, probably because of the complex issues we have in our minds, we occupy it with worries about the future and past thoughts which we cannot help at times. That is perfectly fine. That is perfectly normal. Just do not allow it to overburden you enough to dominate who you are and how you are with others.

We were told that the only thing constant in this world is change. I am a believer of this. I would also like to add that there are four things in this world that are definite, and that is LIFE, LOVE, HOPE and DEATH. We define how “definite” these four pillars will be in our lives and we are all meant to experience life at its finest with someone, needless to say we must maintain our individuality. The Higher Power we believe in has created us and planned us not to be alone for life. Man can buy an island but he can never BE an island.

I talk about Sensuality because it is a mystical word in the sense that it goes beyond what sexuality is. Being sensual is not always synonymous to being sexual, it may happen even without the sense of touch– that, is a deep connection, and when that happens, you just might have experienced your perfect moment. That in itself is of higher degree and intensity. Sensuality does not wear a watch but it always knows what time it would arrive. It is adventurous and not particularly quiet. Sensuality has skin. It is a “persona” but it has skin, unafraid to show it off when it feels that the sun’s ray brushes its shoulders. It is passion for Sensuality to “make love” where time and space meet. It is observant. It is sensitive. It feels. It is spontaneous. And most of all it is unselfish. I would like to park my thought with trying to draw a thin line between sensuality and sexuality by means of a scenario: When sexuality climbs into the bed the first time, it confesses that he/she was a little intimidated about making love to him/her. Sensuality just laughed and said “No need to feel that way, didn’t you know that we have been making love for days?”

“Reasons, the reasons that we hear, the reasons that we fear, our feelings won’t disappear.. And in the morning when I rise, no longer feeling hypnotized, for no reasons, our reasons, have no pride”..

I wish you find your simple and sensual reason… SOON.