Love… a simple yet complex term as we were all made to perceive it to be. It is an extreme term in itself—feared or welcomed; happy or sad; liked or disliked; myth or fact. Only you can decide on which side to take. Your choice. But one thing is certain—it HAPPENS. It happens in your thoughts, it occurs in your emotions. You will never know who and where it will come from, and most of all you will not know what to do at first once it takes hold of you. It is an expression rather than an impression. 
My personal belief in love is in giving what is really from me and within me. Love is a feeling to be detached from one’s individuality, needless to say that it is indeed true that loving one’s self is a pre-requisite in loving another. It need not be verbally said but what remains to be essential lies in its expression through undictated and spontaneous action– gives it more definition, makes it more real. It is a phenomenon to share an unspoken feeling– magical indeed.

Being “just me and just you” is the new perfect. It is possible to be two separate individuals, maintaining your own individuality and yet sharing and experiencing a feeling. Perfection is a state in one’s being that remains to be subjective. Confidence in the goodness and beauty in you makes one achieve this. 

The “too good to be true” impression is an understatement since we were all made to be good and true in the first place. It is an individual choice to be otherwise. Expect the best, do a little planning for the worst and prepared to be surprised. Approval should not be sought from others instead it comes when you yourself are conscious that you are doing your best. In fact it all starts with a good kind of loving yourself before you can radiate the light on others.
KNOW love before you GIVE love… you know what I mean.