Picture perfect moment. Rare. Fresh. True. Life in motion despite life with all its complications in the form of innovations and technical solutions. Gives form to the common belief that we all go back to basics at the end of it all.

Nothing beats a good, definition of which is subjective, quality conversation… one that leaves you learning from a perspective that may be of common ground but on a totally different angle. After all, we all exist to CO-exist. Learning happens after a lesson not taught in a conventional classroom but is taught through either a joyful or painful process in the form of experiences that redefines you as an individual. I will always believe that our individuality is molded into true character after passing through fire. Beautiful figurines made of precious glass is the end-product of the process of passing though an oven literally burning with flames of fire. Pizza is delicious only when it is oven-grilled, right? Extremes of thought but come to think of it, true.
I am a very visual type of person. I would rather see than hear. Actions for me definitely speak louder than words. I would rather “see” results than “hear” results. Life should be in constant motion and action. It pays to talk less and act more—and so I have learned.
Regardless of whether we recognize it or not, the effort exerted by another through his or her action is of value far more precious than gold. Below is a wish list of the life I perceive to be, just like a concert, LIVE! in action:
*    Acts of affirmation (tap on the back, verbal thank you, surprise visits, “cheesy” yet sentimental moves that scars your life in an excellent, heavenly way)
*    Care for others in small ways. Spend “some” time despite life’s daily grind. Quality matters here not the quantity.
*    Honor commitments. It makes a difference between achieving what is important to you, to us.
*    Dedication no matter how the circumstances may change. Stay the course and never give up.
*    Exertion of effort. There is always value in all efforts made, provided its intent is good.
*    Integrity in all things we do. Character is defined on how you deal with situations when no one else sees you. Character comes from one’s heart and soul.
*    Listen. To be truly present in the moment for each other.
*    Love. Feel the need to render hope to each other. It is the most precious energy that can be shared. To love is to gain.
*    Respect. It not only validates another’s dignity but it likewise enhances our own.
*    Sacrifice. Sometimes it pays to put someone else’s needs before your own. However, choose wisely. Remember that a sacrifice entails pain. 
*    Exhibit tolerance towards people or situations that may seem to not satisfy our personal meaning of “seeing eye-to-eye”. Tolerance results to patience, which is indeed a sacred virtue.
I can keep on scribbling down all of my wish list on life, LIVE! in action, but again, for now, it is best to keep it simple as it is and JUST DO IT.