Everyone has underwent rejection and nothing is trivial when it comes to this. Rejection feels like you’re scooped out of the world and thrown into another dimension and you totally feel that you have no control of it. Whether it be work matters, relationship matters or even just simple requests that were turned down, it’s still a NO and that in itself is rejection.  So what’s the beauty in it, you may ask, well I would say at first it can get really ugly but eventually it hones you into the person you were made to be, strong and resilient and it leads you always to where you are meant to be. Pain always has a purpose but it takes time and to majority of us, it’s a process we undergo.

What seemed to be a rejection is a redirected way to something better.

The best way out is always through.- Robert Frost
The best way out is always through.- Robert Frost

Healing doesn’t happen immediately, this amongst all other things takes the longest but the journey towards it are the ones filled with the most lessons but you have to begin with believing that it can happen – self-love and self-appreciation are the top two I have noticed in my personal journey. These experiences can bring about the following insights –

No one is exempted from rejection.

Failure happens but on the other hand success too then repeat the cycle again and you get what you call life as is. No matter how successful you are at one point life knocks at your door with a new opportunity but may come in the guise of rejection. That’s precisely why you must never lose sight of what you really want to achieve because through this you’ll never lose heart in the ways you’ll take to reach your goal. Rejection doesn’t also dictate our worth – we are all of worth it’s just that sometimes things are just not meant to happen the way we want it to.

Be just you and no one else, rejection is at its heights when you begin to reject yourself to conform to others.

Authentic existence in this world is difficult but making the effort counts a lot more to the point that you begin getting comfortable with just being you.

People’s preferences – a certain like or need is personal to them and depends on where they are too in their own lives. If someone says no to you or rejects you that doesn’t mean that the problem is you it just means that you’re meant for something better. Oh yes it’s a cliché but trust me it’s true. Everything in our lives are placed where they’re meant to be so whether it’s a yes or no, bear in mind that it’s what we were made to have.

Courage is developed when you begin to work your way through what you seem to perceive as rejection.

If someone chooses to leave you and you take all the guts you have to give to perceive the experience as a means to not blame yourself or thinking that it’s your fault and start seeing it as an opportunity to find yourself open again to new possibilities then know that you will be fine no matter what. Healing from rejection is an uphill battle but a mindset of determination to heal and start fresh can just be all you need to pull through – and believe me you definitely will.

Life has, in its blueprint, rejection as part of it, think of it as part of a survival kit but you will be fine, and it never rains forever. Rejection, as it did for me in my past experiences, led me to a deeper sense of self-love and self-acceptance and so it shall also happen to you. Never lose heart, the pain that stems out from rejection always has a good purpose and will always lead you to your personal “better and brighter” days.