I recall a lot of lessons which I should have learned then when I was so much younger but growth is a dynamic process thus the learnings should never stop, even if we are all biologically advancing in age. And so, I realized that the meaning of life is something you create and not find. We often look for meaning in our lives unknowingly subjecting ourselves to something that’s passive, we wait for it to pass by but we miss on the fact that meaning comes in when we begin to create the moments that lead to this, it does not come in a silver platter ready to be served, we need to act on it to make it happen.

I realized that we are all flawed and broken but that’s essentially what growth is all about. We are all broken and scarred but the real meaning of all the pain and struggles we undergo is for us to learn, and keep learning and eventually gain the strength we need to move forward.

It is important to find and get hold of our passion, but this one takes time, and curiosity into something may lead you towards finding your real passion. As what Elizabeth Gilbert said – “If you can let go of passion and follow your curiosity, your curiosity just might lead you to your passion.” Your heart will tell you once you find it.

Live in the present. Don’t fret about the past, though sometimes looking back can work as a reminder of how far you have gone. Look forward to the future. Our mind works in a way that it loves pulling our attention from the present moment that we tend to forget that we’re living on it. Overthinking can ruin everything so try to get the flow of what the present brings. A full experience happens when your mind and body are present at the moment and not one without the other. Experience life fully and look forward to the goals you have set to move forward to your future.

Everyone is doing the best they can. Everyone no matter how they may seem to be is doing their best each day. No position to judge because we wouldn’t really know what they’re going through. Everyone is fighting their own battles. We all try to get by each and every single day in spite of the challenges and that in itself is such a great feat.

Do know and bear in mind that everything will make sense someday. You got your heart broken. You weren’t able to get your dream job. You realized your friends weren’t real ones. The list can go on and on but here’s a fact, no matter how hard you try and figure things out now, it won’t. The reality of all these things comes into play in the future when you begin to look back and realize that the present couldn’t have occurred had not the past happened.

Rushing into things will not make it any better. Some things, or should I say a lot of things take time – healing and loving, to name a few, and getting into them in full-speed mode, match that with expectations is a recipe for a heartbreak which we do not want to happen.

Life hits us hard but the key is when it throws us a million ways of giving up let’s counter that with a billion ways not to.