Taking Chances

Every game entails the chance of winning or losing. Gamers are all vulnerable to this risk but they still take the chance – which takes me to write about the topic of taking chances.

Vulnerability strips us off to show us and others who we really are, and getting into the mindset of vulnerability entails one to step out of the comfort zone area. Comfort zoning your territory just leaves you stuck and unable to really find out the beautiful things life has to offer in its full spectrum – thus you take a chance on freeing yourself from it.

Chances are never guarantees of success but they serve as roads towards it. Chances are circumstances that happen simply for the reason of teaching us that life moves forward budging doors and windows open for us to take; all of these serve as eye openers for us to take full advantage of our vulnerability and want for self-expression, if we choose to take it. Imagine a child that was not given a chance to taste candy or play with toys or on a much bigger picture enjoy childhood in itself; imagine allowing your one great love to just pass by without allowing its full expression. My heart bleeds for these chances to have passed by, brings me back to the song I’m hearing from my headset as I write this blog, a song by Earth Wind and Fire that says – “Don’t be afraid of how you feel because deep inside you know you can feel it, what’s inside your heart can’t be concealed because now and then you’d find you can feel it.” Makes complete sense!

Ignore the risk and take the fall, if it’s meant to be it’s worth it all.

We all look for chances but let’s face it – Taking chances entails decisions to stop or go and decisions are hardest when you know where you should be versus where you want to be. I’ve been thinking about taking chances a lot lately, and honestly it all ends up with overcoming one’s fears, and that the truth is every time or moment you take a risk, no matter how small, in your life, no matter how it ends up to be, your mindset at the end of it all is that you’ll always be glad you took it. No regrets. Regret is one hell of a persistent nagger but taking chances and jumping into it is its greatest equalizer.

In all of my blogs I would always push you to live your life, alongside of this would be to take chances and be crazy about it, take lots of it too. The time is always now, don’t wait because right now is the oldest you’ll ever be and the youngest you’ll ever be again. Honestly no matter where you end up and with whom, it would always conclude to just the way it should be. If it was a mistake then you learn and grow, if it works out then it also is a learn and grow type of cycle so either way you win, either way no regrets. Everything will be worth it. Say how you feel and be fine with taking the chance of just being you.

The most beautiful things happen when one takes chances. At some point you have to make a decision, boundaries don’t keep people out, they fence you in instead. We all know that life can be messy but that’s how we’re made. So you can either waste your life drawing lines or live your life crossing them. Your choice. But here’s what I know – if you are willing to take a chance, the view from the other side is spectacular, clearer since the blur of regret is wiped out.

So there… Having said all of these… Go ahead. Take chances. Indulge in life, here’s my heart that goes out for all of you.