The Anomaly of Love

In the world of Medicine, anomaly is defined as something that is rare and causes “wonder”, something extraordinary. It is synonymous to the noun “phenomenon” according to the Thesaurus – on the other hand, I would always view love as an occurrence that will always cause wonder by feeling an emotion that is out of the ordinary.

The movie “The Bridget Jones Diary” is one of your “oh-so-typical” story of an unattached person (in this case, a woman) who realizes that she wants to change her life. She makes a resolution on New Year’s Eve and decides to put her acts together – vows to lose weight, smoke less, drink less – and to make matters more serious, she decides to document it all in a diary, thus the title “The Bridget Jones Diary”. But again, destiny plays tricks, life gets complicated for Bridget because she finds herself attracted to her boss, Daniel, who appears to be a man of “questionable” character. They get into an affair; Bridget falls head over heels only for her to find out that her feelings are unreciprocated when she finds out that Daniel gets engaged to another woman. She meets a barrister named Mark after destined events who admittedly finds Bridget attractive but Bridget finds Mark repulsive. Later on, as destiny would decide to stop playing the game and getting it on seriously – Bridget clearly sees the truth about Daniel eventually and clearly sees Mark for the man he really is and her feelings for him for what they really are.

When you go through the plot of the story, it is indeed a very common occurrence, however, it becomes a phenomenon or anomaly when it hits you. I am not a believer of fairy tale stories on love, but one thing is sure, I believe in the real tale stories on love. Real, practical, solid, honest, expressed, risk-based, most of all custom-fit to allow one to maintain his or her individual self without compromising the joy and happiness of how togetherness must be in the partnership that is based on the anomaly called love.

Below are the lyrics of the song that served as the music that encompassed the plot of “The Bridget Jones Diary”, I used Gerard Albright’s version in the video below but I cited the words of the one that was rendered by Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross.

You’re alone all the time
Does it ever puzzle you?
Have you asked why you seem?
To fall in love and out again
Or just pretend
Why fool yourself, don’t be afraid
To help yourself
It’s never too late to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN
To your heart, hear what it’s saying
Stop, look, listen to your heart
Hear what it’s saying – Love”

“Though you try, you can’t hide
All the things you really feel
This time decide
That you will open up and let it in
There’s no shame in sharing love you feel within
So jump right in
Head over heels and fall right in
It’s never too late”

It is wise to stop and think before you speak moreso act on feelings you are not sure of, wiser to look deeper and allow yourself freedom to give it another chance but it is indeed a virtue to have the courage to admit in your heart that what you feel is true and right for you.

I wish you WELL … May you be blessed with the Wonders of the beauty of love, Energy to express its enigma, Love expressed freely and finally the best Life you deserve to have.