What's The Point of Student Loans?

Everyone is obsessed with higher education. It's more of a fashion thing, like with those Kanye West sneakers. It feels like Hollywood and Netflix have popularized and romanticized college a bit.
If you look at it, it goes back to the days of Legally Blonde. But today, being smart has become not just useful - it has become a trend.
God, of course, it's great! Smart people move the country and promote progress; after all, it was smart people who invented the Internet and pizza delivery! Unfortunately, the problem is different at the moment.
The problem is that now everyone wants to go to college. Of course, there are enough colleges in America for everyone to get a higher education. But not all families have enough money for this. And this is a drama. Indeed a drama, especially for parents. They see how their child supposedly strives for knowledge, burns, and dreams of going to college, and no matter how hard they try, they cannot provide this. Let's not forget that everyone wants to be in the Ivy League, and no one wants to attend community college - "it's not stylish."
As a result, parents take out student loans. This is the thing that lends money but makes you pay it back, also with interest, to put it simply. Student loans can be used to pay for tuition, as well as to buy everything you need, and even pay for housing.
There are two types of federal student loans - subsidized and unsubsidized. In order to get subsidized, the family must be in dire financial straits, and it must prove it. In this case, the student will receive a deferred payment for the study duration, which helps a lot. Unsubsidized loans work like regular loans, without additional requirements but without delays. However, both types of federal loans have fairly low-interest rates.
Private student loans are almost the same as personal loans. In order to get it, you need a good credit history, a reliable source of income, and, of course, a willingness to make regular payments.
So, let's say parents still take a student loan so that their child can study. And after entering college, the child suddenly discovers that there is no time for style. It's not as fun here as in Hollywood films. You need to study, practice, in general, and work diligently. And, disillusioned with college, he decides to leave it. Left with student loans, wasted time, and shattered dreams.
In fact, college is important and necessary. You just need to clearly understand that you should not go into it for the sake of fashion and style. You need to go to college for the sake of science, broadening your horizons and deepening your knowledge.