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The Seven Perspectives of Life

No matter what we do there always comes a point in our lives when we bear thoughts of having to have done some things in life before when we were “younger” – these are called realizations, and sad part of this it when it hits you it usually happens during a crisis in life. But …

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Things You Wouldn’t Want To Regret

To look back and regret something we didn’t do is an end thought that we wouldn’t want to really experience, but yes it happens but another yes to the fact that it may not always do just as long as we’re aware of what we want and the reality that if we want to achieve …

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The Love Story of Chance and Regret

The band Hiroshima carries on an award winning song entitled The Door is Open, I attached the video of it below, one of its lines apparently always catches my attention when I play it which says – “So many times the world just seems to let you down but I know you’re here to turn …