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On Finding Purpose in Life

I recall a lot of lessons which I should have learned then when I was so much younger but growth is a dynamic process thus the learnings should never stop, even if we are all biologically advancing in age. And so, I realized that the meaning of life is something you create and not find. …

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The Things That Really Matter

If I were to ask you what matters most in your life what would those be? Here’s my take. Focus on what really matters because time is even more than gold, it’s all there is. Living a life necessitates much needed commodities and I’m not speaking of the basic ones, I’m speaking of those that …

Happiness Project Life

Living A Life That Matters

We were all born to make a difference in this world, that’s living life with a purpose – living a life that matters, and whether or not you’re still searching for it or probably have found it but quite unsure if that’s really how you’re made to be – trust the process because in the …