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Thoughts on Doctor Bashing

It took me a lot of guts and thought to write this entry, but you see lately I have been reading a lot, with so much disappointment, of doctor bashing on social media that it seems like it’s becoming a national trend. So just a disclaimer I’m a doctor myself and I’d like to take …


What My Patients Taught Me

There is a lot to learn from each other, in my case, my patients – they really taught me and are continually doing so, the core of our calling, thus the title. All the insights written on this blog were all drawn from listening and just being with them who continuously define “passion for profession” …


When A Doctor Becomes A Patient

I surrendered my white coat on the afternoon of the 26th of February year 2013 – the day I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer Stage 2A, the day that changed my life. I take physically care of patients. But what happens when the role is reversed? I found myself leaving my ego on the door …