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Happiness Project Life

How to Handle Med Life Crisis

Disclaimer: I love my job. I love being a doctor and forever will and most of all I love my patients. I just felt the urge to write about a constant challenge, well very normal in the road to becoming an MD and some tips on how to overcome them, and so here goes – …

Happiness Project Life

Living A Life That Matters

We were all born to make a difference in this world, that’s living life with a purpose – living a life that matters, and whether or not you’re still searching for it or probably have found it but quite unsure if that’s really how you’re made to be – trust the process because in the …

Happiness Project Life

Sustaining and Keeping Your Motivation Up

Successfully accomplishing one goal after another is staying and keeping one’s motivation sustained and running. There may be tasks that you may dislike yet, but motivation keeps you going and know that each particular task contributes towards a greater goal. Here’s some points on staying motivated – Believe that you’re doing this for a good …