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The Love Story of Chance and Regret

The band Hiroshima carries on an award winning song entitled The Door is Open, I attached the video of it below, one of its lines apparently always catches my attention when I play it which says – “So many times the world just seems to let you down but I know you’re here to turn …

Leadership Life

Facing Decisions

Decisions are always difficult, and never trivial. No matter what, choices will always be involved. I have always been fascinated by discernment in the process of making decisions – it involves a deeper sense of what you’ll be dwelling into. It is indeed divine to engage ourselves in discerning over “matters that matter” in our …


The Battle of Mind Versus Heart

In one way or another we have had faced this so-called “battle” of mind versus heart, whether in relationships, career or even the most trivial things like whether or not to buy something we want or need. The study of how a human brain functions is indeed complicated, I can attest to the difficulty of …