There comes a time in one’s life when you start rethinking on how your life has been for the past years, nope these aren’t sentimental moments in fact these are self-realizations we all need so we may achieve the self-awareness we should be equipped of for us to know who we truly are. We begin by asking what were the things we could have told our younger selves if we were to be warped back in time, well these things kind of took a hit on me these past days – those days.

Be endlessly and authentically yourself.

At times people feel empty and anxious because they have the constant thought of being more than they can be, yes aiming for something higher than yourself is fine, that’s why you have such thing as goals but to be too “obsessed” over it ain’t healthy anymore.

That feeling of “not being or doing enough” which eventually leads to having to resort to external things to achieve will, in reality, just shrink your real self. So dump the idea of trying to be more than you are, and just be you.

Build and create yourself.

It literally takes time to build and start creating one’s self and a part of it is having to undergo trials to form what we call character, but hey, resiliency is built too so the tougher your battle the tougher you become.

Think of it this way, every little thing that happens to you becomes part of your identity, so use them like building blocks to form a sculpture called you.

Remember what occurred to you on your past does not define your present and future. We all get to and choose who we want to be in any given moment or phase of our lives.

Freedom comes from knowing who you truly are when you look into yourself.
Freedom comes from knowing who you truly are when you look into yourself.

You define how life will look for you.

We all are built of different types of DNA thus even our paths are designed to be set on different ways, no two paths look alike and as what I always say it’s all about perspective.

Sometimes we’re in a constant lookout on things we expect to happen just because it did with some – it doesn’t work that way in real life but the way we look at it makes the big difference.

Things happen. Take a step back. Rethink then redefine. That’s when life starts building up just the way you perceived it to be.

Sometimes the dark side can be a precursor to the bright side.

This took a lot of time to digest and up until now I must admit that I don’t acknowledge dark days but I have probably learned to accept that they need to happen to give way to better and brighter days.

We all have had dark parts of our past some may even be darker than others, but that shouldn’t define what you shall be in the future.


When I look back I realized that I needed to undergo every single pain in my past to get to where I am right now, needless to say that I still experience personal ups and downs but I guess that’s the whole equation of life.

Wounds take time to heal, scars remain but the bitterness disappears just as long as we are encouraged by the thought that it makes us grow as individuals and eventually builds our character.

Know that there is power in letting go of resentment, “appreciating” the dark days to look forward to brighter days and building character by just being you. The opinion of others don’t define us and they definitely shouldn’t dictate who we are.