In one way or another we have had faced this so-called “battle” of mind versus heart, whether in relationships, career or even the most trivial things like whether or not to buy something we want or need.

The study of how a human brain functions is indeed complicated, I can attest to the difficulty of having to memorize, way back in medical school, the complicated pathways a certain emotion, drive, want or need goes through before it hits the area in the brain that is responsible for it. The opposite, though, applies in the study of how the human heart functions, it just works around the principle of converting blood from a “no oxygen” state into blood “with oxygen” and ensures that it is well-distributed throughout the human body; in fact it even delegates some of its function to our kidneys just to ensure that it does not overburden itself from too much of its load. Okay, enough of the medical jargon and let’s get back into what the real core of the topic is.

Brain and heart, two of the human body’s major organs responsible for two of the human body’s daily dilemma of mind versus heart. I go back to my previous blog on having to take chances that would entail making a choice, which can only be black or white; yes or no; leave or stay; accept or decline.

The mind may come up with several reasons even logical pathways when faced with a decision you need to face but here’s the catch – in the end, what does your heart tell you? No matter how illogical or irrational it may seem, listening and trusting on what your heart tells you actually results to a happier you. Deborah Rozman in an article at the Huffington Post cites that “the heart often speaks to us quietly and with common sense. The mind tends to rationalize our desires and reactions.” 

In life, we all reach a point where we stop and ask ourselves, with all our defenses down and pride surrendered – what will truly matter in the end of our seemingly endless struggle to simply be happy and at peace in our present state?

My answer is simple – what does your heart tell you? If you find yourself struggling to be honest on what it truly wants then that is the answer to the question I mentioned earlier. It pays to be aware of that. Honesty matters not only to others but more to ourselves.

In reality, our mind’s voice is very loud but our heart’s voice always comes through as a whisper. Needless to say that before your heart feels, your mind processes first, but working on tandem does not mean reaching a decision with equal footing, so to speak. One predominates the other, thus majority wins. In my case I can say that my heart always wins. At the end of the day, no matter how successful our status in life is, we still go back to what we consider “home”. Remember – home is where the heart is, right?

The mind achieves what the heart truly wants to achieve.

Life is as simple as the realization that it is not meant to be “lived” in solitude. Even in the vocation of answering to the calling of a religious vow, it is always lived in tandem with a Higher Power they believe to be serving.

It is indeed complicated to continuously search for the simple things that are already the answers to our recurrent questions. We just SIMPLY need to realize that it may have already been there for us all this time.

Multiple pathways or roads lead to only one destination; a competition only declares one major winner; a major academic award in school is bestowed to only one deserving student; a choice only leads to one fact – a fact that is enlightened with the core of discernment – and that’s the HEART.