You’ve probably heard a lot of quotes and even advices about stepping out of your comfort zone to get a life, well it ain’t easy, it takes a lot of effort but you can really achieve it if you decide to work on it.

Every nourishment we need was literally fed to us when we were in our mother’s womb. When you look at the photo of the ultrasound of an expectant mother you will literally feel the unborn baby’s peace, but not for long though because after nine months of peace comes the “conflict” – baby is born, comes out, crying his or her lungs out. Everyone in the baby’s surroundings are happy except him or her. Why? Because no more peace zone from mommy.. no more comfort zone.

Comfort is a relatively easy term to define. Comfort is synonymous to relief, but its opposite which is discomfort is a term that seems to have endless synonyms. There will be a thousand and one ways we may define discomfort– something that causes stress, anger, frustration and feelings of hopelessness. I can name so many emotions and situations that define my “discomfort” zone, but realizing all these can turn to be just one great lesson, one great opportunity– but to achieve this entails stepping out of your comfort zone and learn to begin to grow. It will begin to slowly put things into perspective from an angle that you may not seem to grasp at first but eventually you will, labor pains so to speak. But again worry is futile because most of those things you worry about might never even happen. Most of the time it is the opposite– most of the bad things that do happen will have never even crossed your worried mind in the first place – so why waste your time? Focus first on surviving each second, each minute every twenty four hour day in your life and you’ll come to realize that it is indeed a miracle to have even surpassed or survived a single day. But you’ve got to start somewhere because doing NOTHING will not get you SOMETHING. We cannot wait for the perfect time, ideas or plans to just happen because no one can ever predict it in the first place, instead you feel it, you’ll know it in your heart. No motion, no reaction. One harsh realization that dawned on me after past experiences, or should I say challenges, which I would always treat as my life lessons is that we cannot really change things or situations we refuse to confront, and to do all these means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Life is never easy most especially when you plan on achieving something worthwhile for you. You define what is worthwhile in your life. Wanting is different from needing. Wanting can be “postponed” but needing is something essential, something of value, something virtuous because of the humility of realizing that you can never live life only for yourself. Your life is meant to be shared with something good, something we all deserve to have and to hold.

If you want something in your life you’ve never had, you’ll have to do something you’ve never done. – JD Houston

Loving one’s self begins in realizing simple things in life that you have– waking up alive every single day, good company of friends that surround you, hope, endless opportunities and many more. But do remember the value of time, because it’s something that’s just borrowed and can never get back once it’s gone precisely why you need to make the most and best of it. Live every day as if it were your last. We always hear this but come to think of it– very true, specially if you have witnessed and felt a loss, been there done that.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be a good move – do things differently everyday if you can, break the monotony of life. Small steps may lead to great progress, do things one step at a time. Identify your fears and face them one at a time.

So there… Time to live life the way it should be… to the FINEST and to the FULLEST… time to step out of your comfort zone.