Listen to the sound and read on…

Visualize a whiteboard filled with writings which you want to erase and write something new, that’s how beginning over again is figuratively but how about a chapter in your life? Restarting one entails closing the past and deciding on breaking free from the baggage that seems to be holding you back from moving , I’d say we all need to begin somewhere and so here’s my personal take on how to start over again –

Free yourself from grudges. This creates problems and causes unhappiness, strain in our present relationships, and make us reluctant to open up to new things and people. Anger is a vicious cycle that tends to make us miss out on the beauty of life as it happens.

Free yourself from dishonesty. Many of us choose to settle on carrying the weight of our own silence hoping that one day it will all just “go away”. But life has a way of catching up – lesson of which is in the end, expression will always be the winner; it will always elevate our lives to a higher level.

Free yourself from needless drama and negativity. Life is indeed too short to be anything but realistically positive and happy.

Free yourself from being your own average self. For the average person, happiness is a choice and yet it is ironic to see a lot of people unhappy. There may be a lot of reasons, but it all sums up to one simple fact – they chose something else over happiness. Follow your heart and intuition in whatever form of inspiration it manifests on you. Be happy, be yourself, be who you are and design the life you want to have.

Free yourself from selfishness. Every person can make a difference and every person should try. Life echoes back the goodness you give in whatever form – so do something greater than you, something that will help somebody else’s suffering from being less.

Free yourself from fear of failing again. Life ain’t a guarantee that we won’t stumble down again but it will always promise us of a better life in each phase we experience you just need to allow the process to happen. We all have experienced points of intense decision-making where we tend to over-analyze and hesitate on taking on steps to address such – when moments like these occur, remember that no one has ever progressed in life with fear by their side. Be fearless. Take a deep breath, break the cycle and go for your heartfelt goal. Courage will not fail you.


Starting over again is not that bad because when you restart you get another chance to make things right.

All of the points mentioned above are all doable, you and only you can make it happen. Make an effort to eliminate the “I don’t know what to do” statement from your vocabulary. You’ll figure it out and please be patient with yourself along the way. Everything you have ever done has brought you to this point. Start fresh. Break the habit of a recurring cycle that inhibits you to move forward otherwise it will just repeat itself all over again until you learn the lesson it ought to teach you. In everything you do, do it like it’s your first time and for a change make tough choices. Respect your fear but challenge it enough to get over it. Passion is fuel.

Balance is a myth. One side will always tip a little more in one side; the key is not to make it fall so much as to make the other side have no weight at all. Acknowledge your dream, declare it and share it. Most of all, realize that you can definitely achieve it. Make it a point to learn and relearn bearing in mind that we are all a “work in progress.” The universe is always expanding and that includes you. Do what you say you’re going to do and commit to it. Goals are like arrows. Keep it pointed to where you want it to go. Do a little more of what you want to do every day until your ideal becomes what is real. No worries – Goodness has got your back always. You got this so go ahead and make it happen.

We all want to be free of the things we didn’t do when we had a chance; that priceless relationship we neglected and those words we left unspoken. In the end, we aim to be free of regretting the chances we should have taken and decisions we waited too long to make. We all, at some point, long to begin. Life is one big chance so go ahead, take it and go for it.