And so here I am in my new “home” migrated from my previous blog to a new domain but will forever be grateful to the previous site for jump-starting my love for blogging which I stopped for a long time but hey I’m back and that’s all that matters. Heart in place. Mind at peace.

Lifeaholic is a term I coined which means an addiction to life (it couldn’t get broader than that), literally passionate about it. You see after my battle with Breast Cancer three years ago life started to make itself felt in my being. When I first started this blog last 2012 my entry was about my addiction to chocolates and now as I enter into a new writing cycle again I intend to take it on a different note.

Today’s entry will be about confessions in the form of stated values. I know the former should only be done in private but at this moment it is something I would prefer to declare since it taught me lessons which I would like to share with hopes it would be of help in your lives even in its smallest way. As they say lessons are cycles repeated in our lives and will never stop unless we achieve the goal it is teaching us. Therefore here are the values –


Authenticity. A life well lived begins with appreciating who you really are and not how others want you to be. No definition can ever embody what your true self is except the one you set for yourself, so be one and live to be one.

Courage. I am guilty of losing this at times because really, the fears can be so real that it feels like you are being scooped up in a black hole, but to embrace it is divine. We become more free every time we step out of our comfort zone. I have learned that the greatest danger in life is taking no risks at all and regretting in the end.

Kindness. No matter what religion one belongs to, it all boils down to being kind to others and yourself too. Each day as we meet and encounter others, always take it as an opportunity and honor to contribute in making their worlds a better place to live in. Ain’t a preacher but yes I must say it makes a big and good difference – a very good one.

Purpose. Living a life is doing what you value the most. What motivates you? What perks you up? What do you wake up for? What brings an immense smile on your face whenever you envision it? Whatever your answers are for these all I can say is pursue it with passion and the rest shall follow.

Choices. Deciding on making one is already a choice in itself. No color except black or white, a hue of gray is not considered a choice, it just makes one’s journey more difficult. Β The running mantra of Nike encapsulates its whole essence – JUST DO IT.

Love. Never ever lose sight of it and never lose your heart for it. All things may fade but love always remains. And never regret giving it away because it always comes back to you in whatever form. Trust the process.

As I end for now just a gentle reminder to always stand up for something bigger than yourself. Believe that we exist for a purpose, a special one at that- a mission. Live a beautiful and well-lived life on your own terms and by all means be successful on your own terms too. Bless your path.

“Go as far as you can see. When you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.”-Β Thomas Carlyl