Who would have ever thought that negativity can carry on a “good” effect eventually? In my past blog entries I’ve always written about staying away from negativity, well it remains to be true but on the other hand I’d like to dig deeper into the lessons it has taught me instead of evading it. It’s seeing it through another lens that’s called perspective (my favorite word). Try to look at negativity as a mentor that teaches you to appreciate what you have at this present moment.

Negativity gives us an experience that makes us feel the “drop” in life similar to a roller-coaster ride. Life has cycles that goes round and round and gets into you, it eventually develops into a habit, if it’s good then go on but if it becomes bad then that’s where cycles need to be cut, then you are left to adapt on a new cycle which should be for the better. We all know that ending a cycle is difficult but that’s where precisely the lesson is learned. The cycle gets repeated and you find yourself experiencing double or even triple of the pain when you get to the point of deciding again whether to go or stay, pursue or not. Life is all about just making two choices remember?

I indeed learned so many lessons from the past years of my life in several degrees of negativity just like anybody else similar to formal schooling but no regrets though. There is indeed truth behind being strong as your only choice to hang on to when all else seems to happen against you.

I have simplified the lessons I have learned from a mentor named negativity so here it goes –

Lesson 1– Failure can be a friend. It never leaves you no matter what, but the lesson it gives you is what makes us redefine our lives all over again. It introduces us to second chances and it’s up to us if we decide to accept it or not.

Lesson 2- There’s no such thing as being honest to a fault. I remember posting this question on a social media network handle and I was struck by a good friend that reminded me that, again, there is only either honesty or dishonesty. The price we pay for being honest will cost much but the pain of being dishonest is worst. It is indeed the heaviest baggage one can carry and the price we pay is immeasurable. Choose to be honest.

Lesson 3- Gone are the days of “thinking out of the box” nowadays we need to “think with no more boxes”. Negativity taught me that, the terms “I might fail”, “This seems impossible to happen” just pushed me to get out of conventional thinking and pushed me to take risks. The key towards progress is innovation. It may sound like a business strategy but it applies in all aspects of our lives. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be victims of standards that limit our freedom in living a full blown life.

Lesson 4- It’s better to let go of people who drag you down than stay and remain miserable the rest of your life. You owe yourself a good life, let go. The people who are meant to stay will find a way to get back to you.

People come into your life for a reason, the negative people are usually there to teach you what you don’t want to become, treat you how you don’t want to be treated and to show you what you don’t deserve. Embrace them and let them teach you, then let them go.

Lesson 5- One can never be ready for any circumstance in life. We can only prepare but never a hundred percent ready. The best things in life come unexpectedly. Take a risk, take a fall, it will all be worth it after all. If you fail then learn, if you succeed then be grateful, that’s what the failure aspect in negativity taught me.

Lesson 6- Love, in all its animosity and mushiness, is always knocking at your door. It’s just a matter of whether or not you’re still putting a door stopper to your past experiences and future expectations. Mind versus heart? I would say heart. Never allow bitterness to engulf and define you.

Lesson 7- In everything you do, the most important determining factor is you – fulfillment is when you are happy and at peace in whatever you do. When you feel turmoil from within withdraw from deciding first and give it another thought then decide once the tide subsides. Draw a map. Find your path. Take a deep breath, and then run and go for it.

I end with this –

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets and negativity, do what makes you happy now, you might not even wake up to see tomorrow, see there’s still that tiny bit of negativity there but hey that’s life, we can never predict the span of our lives. Love the people who treat you right and be brave enough to walk away from people who don’t. Believe that everything happens for a reason, it may be an agonizing process but hold on to the fact that it will all be good in the end.

If you get a chance…take it; if it changes your life…allow and let it.  An excellent life was never promised only a life well lived, a life worth every breath you take.