Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.

Putting up with some stuff is a part of life but how far can one go? Sometimes we find ourselves putting up with more than we should, tolerate more than we should and before we know it we become victims in the end. Throughout all these years I have considered the following as a list of things one should never tolerate being done to themselves, because if you do this it may just lead to losing your own identity. –

1- Acts of arrogance

We’re all born in equal footing so no one should really feel that he or she is a “cut above” the rest. No one knows too much of anything that would gear towards him/her looking down at others, this may happen directly or indirectly by the way. Know when it’s happening and know that it’s perfectly fine to walk away.

2- Acts of disrespectfulness

Being disrespected is just like being discriminated, it’s like disregarding who you are and what you stand up for which isn’t right. Labelling is one major disrespectful move in my opinion. We, after all are all composed of ego and self-respect as an individual. Ego is being able to establish your importance whereas self-respect is about your confidence and the boundaries you have set in situations where you feel that you are disrespected. Ego emphasizes on you over compassion to others. whereas self-respect is knowing when to fight fairly when you’re deprived of what you deserve. Never put up with people who disrespect you, it’s not all about tolerance, sometimes we need to know when to walk away instead of being stepped on. Allowing others to disrespect you is just like disrespecting you yourself, so learn to stand up for what’s right.

3- Putting up with deception

In other words, lies. It’s human nature to find it difficult to face the truth all the time which is why most people avoid it at all cost. Facing the truth can be a precedent of uncomfortable situations that it may seem better to avoid. Bear in mind that nothing ever changes for the better if it’s not confronted. Lying to others and to one’s self is destructive. So face the truth and make amends to change it, again you come out of it with a better version of yourself just don’t commit it again.

Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth.
Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.

4- All forms of abuse

Abuse doesn’t always come in the form of physical ones, the most damaging are the emotional ones as well, getting verbally abused seems to be getting so rampant nowadays. Learn to distinguish one when you get into one and know that you have rights to fight this off. Once in our lifetime we may become victims but that shouldn’t define who we are in the end, what matters is that we recognize it, fight it and move forward. Abuse rarely discontinues because the perpetrator has had a sudden change of heart, it stops when the victim stands up and makes a decision to stand up for his or her rights and stop the abuse.

Self-love requires a lot of courage. Have the strength to be who you are in a world that tries desperately to make you different. Never compromise being who you are not.

5- Acts of betrayal

I would like to emphasize that we shouldn’t hold grudges, eventually these will convert into unwanted baggages in our lives. Putting up with betrayal is the one I’m pointing at, it’s a whole new perspective when you know of it and be passive about it, this self-destructs eventually, so stay away from it and choose to move forward.

6- Control from others

I would like to believe that people tend to love control, specially if it involves controlling others that eventually converts into power. Don’t get me wrong this can be a good thing, it only becomes something we shouldn’t allow ourselves to tolerate when it begins to make us lose control on what we want for ourselves to the point (again) of passivity. There may be times when the people around you, to some extent will aim to control you, some more than others though. Keep in mind that no one has the power to control you unless you allow them. Realize this then act on it. Everyone of us carry our own self-identity.

Once you learn how to be happy, you won’t tolerate being around people who make you feel anything less.