Great moments start with great confidence – Great achievements start with great determination.
  I am awed by the new television advertisement of a famous toothpaste brand. The gist of the storyline – A famous celebrity rockstar meets a girl in a crowd but the opening scene makes it seem like the girl is the celebrity and the rockstar guy is the simple one. Girl seemed to be pulled forward by her “bodyguards” (but it turns out that it was the forward movement of the crowd that pushes her) so guy finds a way to pursue the girl by disguising himself by means of wearing a wig that would seem that he is part of the band featured in the concert just to get in the backstage – Change frame – Scene is now centered on the guy now on stage featured as the lead singer of the famous band, then just before the concert begins, he announces to the crowd of screaming fans that he just met “the most incredible girl.” Girl feels the “connection” – spotlight on her, follows her as she walks towards the stage and they finally get the chance to introduce themselves to each other. The rest follows…

Serendipity Store
Moments like these remind us that if one’s heart is in whatever it is that one wants to pursue then there should be no such thing as impossible. Obstacles are expected but it is through these that determination is developed. Determination, just like patience, is a virtue. Common and overused cliché but true indeed – gets us where we envision ourselves to be. Whatever our mind and heart perceives, we will definitely achieve.

Inch by inch we’re moving closer… nice, slow and steady.

My Lucky Ceramic Elephant
“ A determination to succeed is the only way to succeed that I know anything about.” – William Feather