“I cannot make my days longer so I strive to make them better.” – Henry David Thoreau 

Happy Wall Decorations
  I had a great day. Simple but great. The three T’s that would summarize my life lessons for today is Time, Talk and Treasure. Good lunch spent with my mom and my sister in a small, quaint café name of which is Milky and Sunny. Rare moments I treasure in my heart since in my profession I can literally count the holidays off I get from work. I posted a collage of pictures I took of today’s treasured moment.
Beautiful Birdcage Decor
My Mom, Sister and Me
Time well spent is quality time. It pays to always remember that every second in our lives matter. It is vital to have “ME” time considered as your own solitude and quiet time and “YOU”time considered as catch-up time for people who matter. In a busy world where each second in our lives are filled up with steps towards the achievement of our own personal goals and journey, it certainly pays to find time or should I say make time for people who are either consciously or subconsciously walk with us in our journey.
Talk is the new art. The real challenge of the art of conversation lies in its ability to be expressed beyond words. It is more of the act that is manifested and shown rather than the words said. Different strokes for different folks. In whatever way you choose to express what you want to say, as long as it comes from your heart, shall reap its good rewards for you and the other. 

Refreshing Garden Falls

As a result, the Treasure one gains from both Time and Talk spent with them is priceless. 

Despite the hustle and bustle of the activities of our daily lives, I look forward in spending the three T’s with you… quality time, quality talk… know that you are treasured.