“I want the real thing
Or nothing at all
I need someone that I can be sure will catch me
If I should fall
Someone who’ll be there when I call then I’ll know that it’s the real thing”

Wanting and needing are different expressions of emotions we oftentimes find ourselves caught into. Personally, I would not correlate them with helplessness and dependence, instead it is more of a courage to admit that we either want or need something or someone we see ourselves into and with in the travel of life.

At this very moment I write this blog, I talk of an inspiration in my life that I shall consider as my one unspoken secret, name of which I shall keep as “Inspiration”. People who truly know me can attest that I am usually vocal when it comes to how I feel. Chosen people, I should say. Tried and tested people. People I consider friends that are REAL. But again, as part of my “lessons learned”, we do not always have to justify every single act or emotion we do and feel every minute in our lives. This is how it feels to be human. Bare. Naked. Vulnerable. Inspiration taught me this.

Inspiration was good to me. Inspiration was an experience that was mind-altering. Inspiration was like watching a movie with a plot that was written from the soul. It reaffirmed me that it is human to reach a comfortable place in life where you know who you are, no matter what your circumstances and surroundings try to say about you. Inspiration cultivated my patience more, instilled areas of faithfulness that may seem to be unachievable to others but through the art of self-discipline can be achieved. I had to study though as to why Inspiration was strong in teaching. It finally occurred to me one day that part of the reason was plain and simple—Experience was its best teacher.

Thank you to Inspiration because I remain to be me. I remain to love me. I remain to take each day one day at a time and maintain my pace at a speed that I can cope with. Content with what I have at the present, patiently working towards the goals I have set and dreams left unmet and optimistically look forward to what life has in store for me. Maintaining my own individuality will always be an anchor I shall hold on to.

Inspiration is the real thing… may the Universe bestow love, joy, peace and gentleness upon you always.