With Cathy Go during her March Album Launch

I would like to dedicate this special blog entry for one of those rare people I have met with true talent and again true passion for profession.
Cathy Go is simple in all things she does. All her songs were written from her own experiences in life, which makes them all real and soulful.
With Ellen and Rae
With Ria, Jayne, Bianca and Ella 
I am an avid fan. Thank you to Ria Guzman, Jayne Bondoc, Ellen Fabian, Rae Sumalbag and Chic-Boy Timog Quezon City Philippines in being instrumental in finding my way to Cathy Go, the rock soul siren of the Philippines!
Listen to an excerpt of her carrier single “Ayaw Na Kung Ayaw” lifted from her first solo album “Find My Way To You” by Cathy Go.