The Tao Te Ching involves imagery in defining life’s peculiarities and challenges. It says,  “It is precisely when there is no substance, that we find the usefulness of relationships”. It is precisely where there is neither similarity nor a homogenous effort but simply a space leading to intimacy or even just “sensitivity” to a possible intimacy that we find usefulness in beginning foundations of friendships or real relationships. Respected imagery. Different, profound but REAL when read between the lines.
Our soul requires vessels to contain its complexities—its “overflows”, in order to work towards our own good and personal growth day by day. One of its precious vessels is companionship and/or relationship. Both ending in “ship” so to speak– Ships move forward towards just one dock, it may have several stopovers but just one landing dock.

I speak of soul in today’s entry simply because I have come to realize, after a series of what seemed to be the “coincidence of timing” or should I say life’s synchronicity happened just the way I felt and believed it should be. Coincidence, for me, does not happen by chance. It happens for a reason, simply because it was “meant to be”. Should I follow the dictates of my heart? Or should I bear the weight of the sacrifice of my soul?  It was not a question of mind over heart anymore or its reverse, rather it involved what “soulwork” had to entail and that is to move out of our own rational and rigid ways into a more spontaneous experience and that is towards achieving the true meaning of personal growth, that is – When the soul comes to life, our ordinary wisdom of rationality seems clouded, as a normal response we tend to force an immediate correction, apply containment and control. However, the further we repress this only leads to the soul’s pressure to spring into life. A life meant to be free. A life meant to be lived in reality. Our strongest emotion will always involve a struggle, entail a great amount of pressure and require a price of sacrifice, but it is only when we learn to accept and begin opening ourselves to its limitless possibilities can we truly experience living life not only with a functioning and sane mind and a beating heart but more essential is the maturity of soul that fills the void within us and makes us truly feel, live and breathe life the way our Good Provider, in whatever form we perceive this, designed and created us to be.
Take good care of your soul…. It gives life to your spirit… Love is the beauty of your soul.