No guts, no glory. 

The word “courage” has common recurring words that make up its definition in dictionaries such as ones conceptualized by our ever-reliable Webster and Oxford – words such as fear, challenge, conviction, pain, anger – recurring words but one common verb which is “to overcome”.

I write on courage today since it is something we seem to evade either consciously or subconsciously every single day of our lives. It can either be simple or complicated and it does not always have to entail major life-changing decisions. It is a reality we need to face for us to progress in the so-called levels or phases we have in life.

Gratitude to the poetic artistry of Sylvia Chidi on thoughts on courage as written below:

“Have you got courage to deal with personal baggage?
Have you got courage to embark on a new voyage?
It is crystalline common knowledge
Many a man and woman born with courage
Have had no privileges to travel through life’s hideous passage
And stand stubbornly by their individual message highs but not lows
If you are one of those, then
Have you got the courage to face life’s challenges?
Have you got the courage to face your fears?
Or experiment with new ideas?
Have you got the courage to love?
Young, Wild and Free
And maturely accept glee or flee?
Have you got the courage to repair all self-inflicted damage?
Before your life becomes a wastage?

Courage comes with age
When priority is no more image
Courage comes with change
It is something we all must engage
It must be clearly visible in every page.”

Lesson learned, bear in mind that courage entails doing something out of the ordinary. In medicine, courage is to battle diseases. In politics, courage is to make people stand on their own – with integrity and to speak the truth. In love, courage is to believe in someone and to fight against all odds – straight to the core of your being. Love in itself is courage that is emotionally expressed. Courage is the will to express yourself and finally be free from your long time bondage and affair with fear. It sets no rules and does not bestow stereotypes based on past hurts. Courage sets pride aside.

Open your eyes towards the real world. There are many cares that are out there patiently waiting to graciously receive and accept you for who and what you have been throughout the years. Face life with courage and a smile – it is meant to be enjoyed, so nothing to fear.

Fear is not the essence of life, it just drives the unthinkable out of us so courage may find its way towards us and realize its value to bring out the best IN and FOR us.

Free your heart, free your soul – Courage is indeed the journey your heart takes on a path with untamed obstacles. 

With this, I wish that beginning today – may your Higher Power bless you as you begin your quest towards your well-deserved amazing destiny with courage by your side.