Snickers is a famous brand of chocolate and since I am a self-confessed chocolate addict I decided to dedicate all my blogs to all the brands of chocolates as far as my mind can recall. Gratitude for the joy it gives me.

Today was my first day in a setting where I envisioned myself to be several years back when I was still in medical school. I remember saying to myself that someday I will BE there. Several years (number of which I will not mention) after that “envisioning” moment I found myself walking along its corridors and actually being part of it. I even found myself having with me a “bonus” and that is meeting one good and fabulous friend, who prefers to be called a “DIVA” that gifted me with an audio book that I wanted to have for one year to be exact and that summarized the whole “waiting” period after that “envisioning” moment. Life moves very fast, and along that context I realized seven characteristics of what seemed to be realizations that stood out in that one moment in my daily life that happened today and these are the power of CLAIMING, the magic of ENVISIONING, the gift of BELIEVING, the wonders of DESTINY, the realization of CHOICES, the miracle of SHARING and the rewards of MOTIVATION.

My random thoughts for today is a continuation of the ones I have started yesterday and which I wish to share.

1. Choices are essentially just 2 options- yes or no. Basic color hues are just 2- black or white. Opposites are never about more than the number 2. Decisions in life will always be based on this concept. The term “maybe” is just meant to be a stopover.

2. Believe in your heart that every single day in your life is meant to teach you a lesson. Read between the lines. The best lessons present themselves in the simplest of situations.

3. Never underestimate the timing of DESTINY. It is wise to know when it will turn the world around to give you what is meant for you.

4. No amount of self-help books will ever make you feel your self-worth. They are merely guides. You alone can define it. You alone will experience it. Try lending a helping hand to someone in need, that will definitely send a wave of self-worth your way.

5. No one got ever defeated in the virtue of SHARING. 

6. The life you want is just outside your door. Decide to go get it. It is yours. The answer is often YES, we are just too fearful to open up.

7. Taking the risk is better than regretting in the future. The least statements in life we would want to end up in are the “could haves”, “should haves” and “would haves”. You will never know unless you try. In 20 years you will be more disappointed by what you did not do than by what you did.

8. When envisioning success in any aspect of life, be it love or career, ask yourself these four questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now?

9. Successful people refrain from saying “I wish”, “I’ll try”, “I should”, they always say “I will”.

10. We all have goals with personal deep meaning, dreams in need of completion and a love that needs expression. Motivation is the key to achieve the results of these needs. It is always rewarded in the end.

11. Relationships always bring out the best and worst in each other. Remember these are inherent characteristics that were already in you as an individual even before you decided to be “together”. Never throw the responsibility of being better to each other. Individuality should be maintained, and only then will growth begin.

12. Believe that there is a person who exists that will truly accept you with all your life “baggages”, just because you are you. This is not a romantic cliche but it is reality. You will feel it. And when you do, accept the gift with an open mind and an open heart.

13. Being vulnerable is not always synonymous to weakness. Drop your defenses, only then will you experience freedom.

14. Love and fear are the basic foundations of all emotions. No gray area. If you fear, you cannot love. Live passionately. It is all worth it.

15. Words are baseless without actions. Thinking is different from executing. If you truly want it, do something about it.

Here’s to a sweet life ahead. Sweeter than chocolate.