If I were to name a song that best describes the feeling of following your bliss, it will be “One Hello”. It is indeed sentimental. It not only speaks of love but also embodies how we should welcome new beginnings in life, starting from scratch and step by step achieving our goal.
Some lines from the song that best describes stepping out from your comfort zone and embracing reality as it is by keeping it all simple and at the same time keeping it real.
“ If you’re not afraid of what you feel then try and keep it simple yet try and keep it real… Love begins with one hello… The hardest part is over, now it’s easy letting go… One hello is how it starts… “

Rituals, for me, are sacred practices that need not be performed as a group, in fact, the more personal it is, the more empowering they become in whatever purpose you perform them for, needless to say excluding something not good. I am a believer of personal and simple rituals. For me they signify new beginnings or at least the intention to start one. I speak of disliking the season of lent in my earlier blog but then this season has been, what I consider, a turning point in my previous perception. It has been renewing. It taught me new beginnings. Releasing from the attachments I once had and facing my fears as it is bearing in mind that it will open doors that will only lead me where I am destined to be. Life is a process of becoming, achieving and believing in a constant experience called change. No matter how we run away from it, change is bound to happen with destiny as its “partner in crime”—a very good crime at that.

My ritual is a mantra that I constantly play in my mind where in which I believe my heart has learned to adapt after my past hurts which I have learned to let go. I always say to myself that it is never too late to be what I want to be and that each day will be much better than yesterday. A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well.
At the end of it all, if you WANT something you never had, you have got to DOsomething you never did. Change says so, and Destiny agrees.

Hello to you… Welcome to my life…