Life is like a fast-food chain, we are presented with a lot of tempting choices but we need to just choose one. Our roads have a lot of suggested shortcuts to take that serves as detours.

I speak of the power of courage of choosing the road less traveled in life. Finding our way by owning and learning to be responsible with the choices we make. The road less traveled is a rough one, muddy and dirty, sometimes we find ourselves lost inspite of a map or compass since there may be detours that are in the forefront “misleading” but in the end gets you where you are destined to be.
Human nature draws us into avoiding to stress ourselves in focusing on two things during the travel in the rough road, and that is the road in itself which is worst than a labyrinth and the question of which direction to take.
But here’s the catch… at the end of the day even if you have traveled on the rough road, you end up learning and experiencing various ways in life that teaches you lessons that make you a better person much moreso a redefined person. It is not enough that you think positive. It is vital that along with this thinking, we likewise have to act on it. Thinking and acting are the most potent of combinations. Difficult though, but once you have acquired its so called “art”, you will slowly appreciate its magic of breaking down the barriers you have set upon yourself to hopefully shield you from pain due to past experiences.
No matter what decisions you make in life, the simple basic questions are — Will my choice make me happy? Will it give me peace of mind? If yes to both, then that in itself already guarantees you a good start. Be bold and straightforward towards the things and people you believe you deserve… it is about time you do. I speak of being bold and straightforward since one lesson I have learned is that good things do not come to those who wait, at least in “some” instances, instead you need to be a go-getter to get things done and make it happen.  
 “It’s the simple things in life we forget Why do you make something so easy so complicated, searching for what’s right in front of your face” 
Think it…Feel it…Act on it…Have it…