Once again allow me to begin with the melody of George Duke Trio Band.. Sing along with me or take note of the beautifully crafted words that are simply real….

You walked into my life
And changed the balance of my days        
With your eyes you say
I am yours and you are mine
But still something’s very wrong
No I can’t just go along
Though you want to stay
I must find a reason to delay 
We’re not the same
You play a game
I know
But if I keep my feelings strong
I’ll find the song you sing
Though i can tell
We’re worlds apart and in my heart it’s clear
That Love has found a cloudy day
I’m here to say that
I was born to love you 
Such a lovely face
With a warm and tender smile
Though I want you so
Something deep inside keeps saying
Don’t trust your heart this time
Could my mind be playing games
Am I so betrayed
That my heart and mind can never be the same

Preludes are usually beginnings to a long sonata of music, in this case, prelude applied is the detachment that has been built by each other to protect themselves with the heat of love. But love conquers all in the end. The closing realization of the song is betrayal in such a way that one thought that the mind can surpass the heart or vise-versa. But there is always a chance that they may occur together of the same intensity with the right person for the right reason and when that time comes, know that you may have found your own beautiful destiny.

I dream of my own love and inspiration someday and soon. Holding on to the belief I hold in my heart that someone was made and was born to love me and also YOU.