Things can be created
Or so this is what I am told
If they are right
Then we will have
Our real moments of gold.
I look forward
To the times we will have ahead
To all the things that we will do
And the steps that we will take
For us to retread.
I am a firm believer in the law of attraction, it goes a lot deeper than just “thinking positive”, it creates your own mystical experience and getting back the goodness each and every one of us deserves.
The Welcome Note
Every circumstance that is happening in my life at the moment in terms of career is a personal testimony on the power of the law of attraction. It took a long time… but the journey was worth the wait. All the rejections I have experienced have been challenges, which seemed to make me “stronger” or better yet more resilient in the face of negativity. Look ahead toward the person, place and thing you most want to be with, in and have. The more you look forward, the faster you’ll move.
Negativity will always be encountered but concentrate on the possibilities instead. The fact that others are negative is an even greater reason for you to stay positive.
Me and Dr. Soe Nyunt-U, WHO Representative
I have posted pictures of the greatest challenge in my life but it is what I consider to be one of my best personal testimony of the power of the law of attraction. Having to work with the World Health Organization and with the best mentor I have encountered (not because he is my boss) Dr. Soe Nyunt-U, will forever be one of the biggest gemstone in my “crown of life”. We will miss him when he retires soon but life should move forward. The project he has initiated will be our gift to the man who truly taught us passion for profession and that projects that have honorable and good intentions should not be exclusive but inclusive… open to all who are willing to take part and should serve its true purpose. I did not mind working for him even with a running body temperature of 39.5.
The “Dr. Soe Principle” applies to all aspects of life. In everything we do, determination drives us but it is only true passion that will sustain us.
Again, look forward to better days. I look forward to good times in the coming days… The BEST is yet to COME