I have a habit of “losing” things, I love carrying big bags but I tend to still seem to get my things out of control and tend to lose them. Bad habit yet to break. When I was a child my grandmother would always remind me to call a man, who happens to be a Saint, and is known to find lost things for you. I shall leave it to you to find out his name.

Mount Fuji, Japan

Tremendous stress sums up what I underwent today but thinking of my grandmother’s reminder to call the man came through an intuitive feeling that dawned on me while I was driving home. As a result, I thought of him… my grandmother’s man… the Saint… my “finder of things” and just like a forklift, the burden I felt in my chest was lifted up and out. As I write this blog, I am feeling much better. My friend who is a “finder of things”, in shamantic terms, cushions and brings back your being “you” again after undergoing severe stress or pain. It is believed that a part of one’s soul may “split off”, thus carries the fear and worst of the pain with it when one undergoes, as mentioned earlier, stress or pain. It is believed to be protective in nature, cushioning the blow of what one has undergone and yet this may also mean that the person with supposedly “less” than their whole selves, has gone missing and until it is retrieved, the person is operating under his or her less than optimal energy. I consider my friend a “Soul Retriever”. He helped me a lot in remembering and has been my support system in bringing me back into integrating energies into a more positive expression in my life. At one point in our lives we tend to lose touch with that which holds deepest meaning for us and “buy into” what we think others want of us, and before we know it we have effectively given control of our lives over to someone else’s opinion. Perfectly normal. At the end of the day, we are all human, but hang on to that feeling and just believe that what you felt at that moment was just what you needed for you to grow and become stronger and more in touch with who you really are.
  My “finder of things” came to me when I lost that thought just two hours ago that we all have the power to heal ourselves and our lives. He is my constant reminder of what I need to sustain in my life to keep me moving forward towards my destiny. We always have a choice. It is never impossible for us to take action and change what seems to be our life’s circumstances.

You may feel “nagged” to do things that relate to your heartfelt goals but tend to “forget” to do them because you are often sidetracked by things that are really just major time-consumers. You may want to call on the “finder of things” to help you block off these major time-consumers and just focus on your true goals and purpose… Believe me, he does wonders… But again, I leave it to you to find out who he is depending on your own personal belief which I very much respect.

Life is good… remember that… start off with the little “good” that happened to you today. Count your blessings, even if it is just half of what you consider a whole, it still is a blessing after all. Remember who you really are and that in itself should already define how the Universe would consider as GOOD. Each day is working towards what is planned for you, for us, and while we are a dynamic work in progress, never lose the thought that nothing is as important as BEING the person that YOU truly are…