A good friend I recently met asked me how things were, after which that friend, out of the blue just uttered the words “go with the flow”, that, for me, I shall neverforget.
The poem below I share with you, nicely and amazingly written by Torre DeVito way back 1978 speaks of how we all should go with the ebb of life, not to go against the current but gently and patiently swim through the tide, believing in our hearts that no matter what, all of us will reach our sweet destination.
“If the sky above is cloudy, and you are left out in the rain, and you are searching for a rainbow, but the colors bring you pain;
If your world is not revolving, and there is no end in sight; and you are looking for the sunshine, but all you see is night;
The Grace of Going With The Flow
If all around are smiling, but all you do is frown; and you are tired of all this living, and life just brings you down;
Then look beyond your teardrops to the beauty of this land; or feel a flower’s petals like velvet in your hand;
Or hear the children laughing, like innocence at play; or feel the air around you, or smell the new-mown hay;
Contemplate a butterfly, or the wind amongst the trees; or the whisper of the ocean, or the warmth of summer’s breeze;
Or the taste of cotton candy as it melts upon your tongue; or the melody of birds, as they greet the morning sun;
Remember words of beauty, and your father’s strong embrace; or your mother’s gentle touch, as she softly kissed your face;
Seek the good within you, cast clouds out from your sky; do not look towards the pavement, and hold your head up high;
Think not on what life owes you, but on all you have to give; forget about your sorrow, count your blessings and start to live;
Each day that you are given is a gift that life bestows; do not fight against the current but GO GENTLY WITH THE FLOW.”
We need to trust the process we are all undergoing at the moment, happy or sad, that it is a needed step for us to achieve our own desired and destined path. Keep on believing that all will be well and before you know it you will just one day wake up and see your own magic enfolding – SOON.