“Candles they light the dark now I see how lovely the feelings are of the tender love you’ve given to me”… Sounds familiar? I posted the video below for you to listen to it. Excerpt from one of my feel-good melody, Tender Love. Aged like wine but revived just as beautiful as its origin.

Children believe in fairy tales because they enjoy the sight of princesses in their long and beautiful gowns and graphics of cuddly characters given life such as the candelabra in Beauty and the Beast. On the contrary, adults do not believe in fairy tales simply because it is “too good to be true”. Difficult beginning but perfect ending. But let’s take this cliche further and a little longer, why not reverse the “too good to be true” impression into “too good to be true but this was what I have been missing for a period of time to come true“. Yes?

Perfection is an impression we define ourselves, just like love, we define it and we, and ONLY we, can determine what it is when we have felt, seen and experienced it. Precisely why I opened my blog with the line that struck me the most in Tender Love, because it expresses that we do not have to always dwell on losses to appreciate what we had but instead appreciate what we have at the moment, given to us by destiny as a gift, to realize what we have been missing for a time. Open-mindedness is the key. It is one of the lessons behind what we perceive as perfection.

We are forever debating on what should matter most- mind or heart? I respect your individual choices, but personally I believe that it is possible for them to be at the same level just as long as you feel that it is with the right person (for you) AND the right reason. Again, we do not have to complicate matters by analyzing and rationalizing feelings at all times, after all there is such occurrences in our lives that we simply cannot explain but it just happens. Acceptance is the key. It is a gift. It should be received with open arms because gifts are not only blessings, it is likewise sacred.

Mind, body and soul are all integrated into one masterpiece, these components constitute the other side of our physical human body and it is beautiful– that is YOU. Time and again this has been proven. As a doctor I have experienced and encountered patients who have miraculously healed simply because they BELIEVE in a higher power and maintain a POSITIVE OUTLOOK with the simple thought that they will be just fine. The practice of the vocation of medicine can only do much, but the practice of mind motivation can do much. Think it and you will make it. Feel and acknowledge it and you will have it.

The way to achieve health is through the things we dislike to take, dislike to do and give attention to. The journey is difficult but instead of dwelling in the darkness of the path we are presently taking to achieve where, when and to whom we want to “come home” to, why not reverse our dwelling thoughts into the flicker of lights and the candles that slowly illuminate our path into finally achieving the happiness and contentment we desire in our hearts.

Wishing you a gentle and genial journey towards your tender love.