Today, the 17th day of June 2012 is Father’s Day.

My Dad is 69 years old and is still working to give us a good life – provide us with just the right amount of simple living. He has sacrificed a lot and I owe him for being a Higher Power’s instrument in making my passion come into life and that is to be a doctor. My Dad made me realize that there is indeed no such thing as retirement in the career of being a father – it is indeed a lifetime sacred vow, which indeed is more than noble. My sister and I will forever be Daddy’s little big girls.
Below are excerpts from a song that speaks of gratitude for a father’s strong and sensible love for his children…

“A son rarely tells his Father how he really feels.

A handshake or a pat on the back is all that he reveals
I’d like to right that wrong, here in this little song.
Thank you for shaping my life
Thank you for teaching me all you can
You are no ordinary man
You make me everything I am
Thank you for taking the time
Thank you for showing me the way
And thank you for being there when I need you
Thank you for every single day…

Thank you for your guiding hand
Thank you for making my dreams come true
You are an extraordinary man
And I hope you are as proud of me
As I am proud of you
Thank you for giving me life
Thank you for showing me good from bad
I guess I am only really trying to say
Thank you for being my Dad
Even though the years drift away
I never took the time just to say
I love you and I always have
And thank you for being my Dad.”