Harry the Bear, a gift my Dad gave me 10 years ago

I was never close to my Dad. He was not around during my growing-up years because he was always at work. I can literally count the times we went out – just him and me. In fact it was only last June 2011 when I finally got to ask him out for lunch, my treat after 10 years in practice, working as a doctor immediately after passing the boards. The happiness was unexplainable. The date was priceless.
I entitled my blog “A Hug from Daddy” simply because it washed away all my pain during the time when I experienced that one hell of a feat I surpassed in my life. 

I believe the rare talks I had with my Dad molded me into what I am right now, needless to say my Mom definitely is part of it. The following are the lessons I learned from him. He is a man of a few words and a few pictures, which is why I treasure the following pointers he would advise me during those rare talks we have had on how I should be guided in my so-called “rainbow-colored” life.

When buying books, it is better to invest on the non-fiction ones, which will at least contribute to my own life lessons.
You create your own opportunities; you do not wait for someone to create such for you. Believe in your capabilities and the rest will follow.
If you want something, go ahead and pursue it. Avoid postponing its execution because time matters. After all, what is the worst thing that can happen? If you succeed then good, if you fail, you will always have lessons learned… so it will never be a failure in either way you look at it.
Don’t be afraid to be afraid. It is normal to be anxious about something you have planned but you should consider it part of the excitement of what is yet to come. Avoid selling yourself short by being afraid of failure.
Think out of the box. You are more than what you are now. There is more to life than what happens to us in a daily basis. Opportunities are oftentimes in disguise in the simplest of things or matters… and it “rarely knocks” all the time
Treat people the way you want to be treated. Plain and simple. In the real world it is not about being intelligent in theory, what matters most is how you deal with people.
Learn to balance your life with rest, after all, when the world was created, the Creator took a break for one day.
Life is all about taking chances and gaining experience. You will never progress if you are always guarded by fear of taking a chance.
Lessons from the man who has always been there to catch me when I fall; the man who has made me who I am now – and for all my simple achievements and simple dreams fulfilled, I will be forever grateful that I was blessed with my personal archangel – my Dad.